Trade Ministry Pushes for Export of Local E-sport Games

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian Ministry of Trade encouraged the development of the electronic sports or e-sports games industry for export to the global market. Deputy Trade Minister Jerry Sambuaga said the ministry would provide easy market access for business players’ products, including games.

“We believe that the growth opportunities for games remain exceptional,” he said in a statement, Thursday, August 17, 2023.

According to the Deputy Trade Minister, the opportunity is driven by the condition of gamers who can choose to play across platforms and participate in live streaming. Aside from that, gamers also have the option to play for full price, play for free, or subscribe.

Another factor, Jerry added, is the availability of Internet networks that are expanding the gaming market in developing countries. He hoped that the emergence of the younger generation would continue to shape global consumption patterns and increase the number of new players, including the older generation and the female community.

Jerry opined that exporting e-games is technically easier than exporting goods because games do not require storage warehousing or layered checks and do not change shape in transit.

Moreover, he pointed out that the opportunity to export games is increasingly open with access to 45 trade representatives, consisting of Ambassadors of the World Trade Organization, the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office, the Trade Consul, 23 Trade Attaches, and 19 Indonesian Trade Promotion Centers.

On this basis, he believed in the need to develop a sustainable gaming ecosystem in Indonesia. To achieve this, the Trade Ministry has implemented several programs such as capacity building of the animation, comic and game (ACG) sector, such as identifying and consulting with ACG stakeholders.

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The Trade Ministry also conducted promotional activities and opened market access, such as disseminating the use of intellectual property (IP) and participating in domestic and international exhibitions. The government also encouraged ACG players to participate in Ina Digi Export, a one-stop service platform managed by the Directorate General of National Export Development for export-oriented digital creative products.


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