Jokowi Hopes Explosive Factory in Bontang Can Reduce Raw Material Import

Kamis, 29 Februari 2024 – 19:03 WIB

Kalimantan – Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) visited Bontang City in East Kalimantan to inaugurate an explosives factory with a production capacity of approximately 75 thousand tons of explosives annually.

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The explosive factory was constructed by Kaltim Ammonium Nitrate (KAN) as a modern and eco-friendly manufacturing facility expected to support mining activities in East Kalimantan Province.

The Head of State conveyed that the world is currently experiencing a food crisis, and thus all countries are very cautious about food. Earlier, importing rice and wheat was very easy to do.

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“Now, all countries, the 22 countries from which we usually easily bought rice, are slowing down. Some even stopped selling their rice,” the President said.

Presiden Jokowi meresmikan pabrik amonium nitrat PT. Kaltim Amonium Nitrat.

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“Some components of our fertilizer raw materials are still imported. So, we don’t have self-sufficiency,” President Jokowi explained.

Therefore, President Jokowi greatly appreciates and values the strenuous efforts in building the ammonium nitrate industry in East Kalimantan.

Certainly, this is important because 21 percent of ammonium nitrate is still imported.

“With the construction of the East Kalimantan Ammonium Nitrate Factory, it will reduce imports from 21 percent to 8 percent. It means that we still import 13 percent,” the President informed.

The Head of State is very pleased that this factory is completed so that it can increase the raw materials for fertilizer production in Indonesia.

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“I hope the completion of the East Kalimantan Ammonium Nitrate industry can make the food industry more independent, stand on its own feet, and the investment of IDR1.2 trillion will not be in vain,” the President conveyed.

“I ask that this expansion be continued so that we can substitute imported goods. Not only concerning ammonium nitrate, but also other imported goods should be produced domestically,” the Head of State concluded.

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Certainly, this is important because 21 percent of ammonium nitrate is still imported.

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